Scottish Trip prep

Your travelling wardrobe should be versatile.  The weather will be variable so lots of layers is best, both short and long sleeved. Versatile and complementary tops and bottoms will help keep your bags light. A light raincoat or jacket plus a folding umbrella will come in handy. Sensible walking shoes are a must, or light hiking boots if you are planning to walk the heath and get off the paved roads. One formal outfit will probably do for the trip.
A simple adaptor for any charger
that works off 110 or 220 volts.

A small transformer will step down the
British 220 volts to the USA 110 volts.
Electricity in Scotland is on the UK standard, with three large pins on all plugs, and delivering 220-240 volts.

A basic convertor (on right) is needed for most chargers, such as phone, tablet and laptops.

A convertor (above) is needed for heavier items such as hair dryers, curling irons etc,  since they usually only work on 110 volts. Check the label on the appliance or its charger.

Light and Heavy Reading
These books recommended by Sunita and Fred are from their personal library, and are by no means exhaustive. It's a mix of historical tomes, novels, poetry, and travelogues. If you get through them all then you'll be well prepped for the trip.

. . . . .