Friday, April 17, 2009

Sunita harp performances are suitable for many occasions

. . . . . masterful improvisations . . .
     . . . . . an incredibly gifted harpist . . .
         . . . . . Her music transcends the worldly plane . . .
International Folk Harp Journal

Sunita can add an elegant touch to your wedding, party, corporate event, or an evening at home with family and friends.

Whether solo harp, or with flute, violin, or clarinet, Sunita's music can make the difference for your special day.

Sunita was a delegate from Israel at the 2011 World Harp Congress in Vancouver, Canada. She was interviewed there about her work in Israel. In the video below, Sunita discusses her work as a therapeutic harpist in Israeli hospitals, and the organizing of the first Israeli Harp festival in October 2011.

Sunita also works as a therapeutic harpist at Schneider and Meir Hospitals. She was featured on Israeli television as a tribute to her medical work. The Television program can be viewed at this link.