Cycling Adventure May-October 2015

Several years ago, my husband Fred and I started planning our big adventure. We wanted to take advantage of our ‘window of opportunity’. Our kids are independent and it was our chance to escape the fast-paced life at home and get out of the car, slow down and breathe.

I also wanted a chance to practice, compose, arrange, and have space to be creative. Fred built a trailer and we are hauling my harp with us as a long tail behind our tandem. An indestructible harp was needed, so we are traveling with my Heartland carbon-fiber, 36-string “Infinity” model.

Crazy, but do-able. I will be blogging my harp travel adventures with you. Fred is posting our travel log and sharing it on my Facebook Page (‘friend me’, Sunita Staneslow). This blog will focus on my harp adventures. I would love to hear from other harpists who have travelled by bicycle with their harp. And, I’d love to meet other harpists en route. Send me a message on Facebook if you would like to meet for a cup of tea and share a few tunes.

It is important for us to make this adventure beneficial to others. We are raising money to start a harp program at the Jewish/Arab Community Centre in Jaffa, just down the street from our home.

Even a small donation will make a difference.