A Harp for Yasmin

Yasmin Gebara is blind from birth and lives in the village of Salem, just to the east of Nablus in the middle of the West Bank. She graduated college in 2010 with a major in English literature, and writes poetry in English which you can read at this link. Yasmin's father was murdered in 2004 and her mother Muna has been raising six children.

In 2010, through the cooperation of the Villages Group, an Israeli/Palestinian peace group, Sunita and visiting US harpist Park Stickney participated in the music program in Salem. Park conducted a children's workshop and jammed with one of the teachers who played oud. Yasmin just loved the harp and explored the instrument by touch with Sunita's help.

Since then, through the generosity of a wide network of people, a new 34-string Celtic harp was purchased for Yasmine, made by Peter at Woodsong Instruments in the Galilee.

Yasmine continues to receive regular lessons from Sunita, either in Salem, or via Skype. She has also attended the 2014 Harp Festival in Jaffa. 

Donations for this activity are gratefully received. Funds are used to maintain the harp, buy extra strings, an electronic tuner, harp stool, and defray the teaching and travel costs. Donations are currently not tax-deductable. 

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